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Historical Fantasy

From the moment Lord Jester Gutter came into Mark Seaton’s life, Mark knew he’d be living amid wealth beyond his imagination. He was too young to understand the price he’d have to pay for that privilege. Now he fears he’ll never be free of the life Gutter has planned for him, until a devastating tragedy awakens his anger and inspires courage he never knew he owned.

The Lord Jester’s Legacy and The Poisoned Past books explore a world of 18th century sailing ships, flintlock weapons, deadly conspiracies and masks that change who and what you are. If you love intrigue and adventure with a hint of magic, click on Jesters to discover more.


Sword & Sorcery

Grim wants to die by her best friend’s hand. Asking him will be hard, but she knows he’ll do it when he finds out why. The problem is that the war they’re fighting, the war they’d started, isn’t going well. She doesn’t know if it’s worse to leave her friends to fight the demons without her, or if she should endure a few more hours of torment to help them fight one more battle.

What they ask her to do makes her wish she’d died in the desert.

The Kilhellion is the first book in a new sword & sorcery series slated for release in 2018. Click on True Dawn to learn more.