Nifty coupon + bonus panic attack

 The Lord Jester's Legacy is going to have a little debut at Orycon 34. I don't think very many people know about it yet.  I'm not sure if having coupons and postcards out on the freebie table will help or not. I guess I'll see.   I have mixed feelings about becoming more public, assuming […]

Violation, Violence and a New Book

Fuck, what a day.  I don't usually start with profanity, but it's been one of those days.   Not a bad day, not by a long, cold stretch, but intense. I started writing on a new series.  Breaking my own rule, I opened with torture and attempted rape.  I have strong feelings about opening with […]

Masturbation and Fruitcake

After I write this I'll be sending Innocence and Silence to my first reader.   It's an emotional time.  I'm excited to hear about what she'll think, and I can't wait until she reads my favorite parts.  I hope that she calls me when I really zing her on the page, and I get that […]

Quality of Work Life

I used to doodle a lot, especially during class in high school and college.  I still doodle occasionally at work, but I'm not in an environment where that's appreciated.  In fact, I've been told explicitly not to draw, even when there's nothing else to do. I've got another coworker who also has artistic tendencies.  He […]

Visceral Experience

A question came to my mind out of nowhere today.  When I write my brain tries to put me into the physical space of another world.  The more senses I try to engage, the richer that world becomes and the more fun it is to write about (and hopefully read) because I'm not at home […]