Inspiration: Part II

I think I've entered a new stage of creative development. Here are the signs: I'm beyond excited and eager about projects. I don't just obsess about one. I want to do many different things all at once. Writing, painting, gardening. I want to paint the living room. I want to exercise (and I have been). […]


I've just read two really great articles. Normally I don't share articles here, but this time I feel compelled. Kristine Kathryn Rusch is someone every writer should follow. Not everything she writes about is going to be right for every writer–not even she makes that claim and be wary of anyone who does–but her finger […]

Sex Marathon

Sadly, this is not about a sex marathon that I got to have. I just finished a 5 page, over 2000 word sex scene for Mayhem (which now has a new tentative title that I'm not quite happy with: The Devil Priest of Arrak t'Thedra). I didn't shower, I didn't eat, I didn't do anything […]