It’s alive!

So here we are at the new EMP blog! I’m excited to be here! It’s going to be different than livejournal, hopefully in only good ways. My webmaster will help me import my livejournal posts, so hopefully you’ll find everything here that once was there. Then it’s just a matter of making sure that this […]

Sweet Friendship and the Promise of Spring

First, happy spring equinox! The time of year when I try to balance writing with the realities of country living is fast approaching. I've been setting my alarm to try to train myself to wake up earlier. The quantity of outdoor chores multiply rapidly as the weather warms. If I want to keep up daily […]

Beautiful Things

It's not quite spring yet, but I can feel it coming in the air. When I go out to the barn to feed the goats, chickens and barn cats, there's an ease in the atmosphere that wasn't there before. I can see it, too. Chionodoxa (glory-in-the-snow) and tulips are emerging, and my earliest daffodils are […]