Ear worm of the day: The theme song from the old cartoon Underdog. The administrators for the morning miracle added some incentives and restarted the challenge. I took advantage and decided to wait until after the end of the weekend to start daily practice because of Orycon. Orycon is a yearly speculative fiction convention (science […]

Ear Worms

During my ‘silent’ meditation today, I couldn’t get a song out of my head. It’s the fated meeting song from Om Shanti Om, one of my favorite movies, and it’s still rolling through my mind on constant repeat. I did get a few quiet moments in there. Our place out in the semi-rural woodland wonderland […]

Miracle Mornings

Have I mentioned that I don’t care for catchy titles that promise unlikely things? Well, I do dislike that, and so I had a negative reaction when a habit-forming support group suggested that we all try Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod. I was like, Miracle Mornings? Really? But I read the overview and the items […]