Living Inside

At the moment, I'm writing about Mark traversing not-terribly-harsh terrain (all things considered, compared to say, the far southern ocean) with a sizable group of horses.  This is man versus nature stuff.  For him, it's intense.  Someone better acquainted with the area, better equipped, and better with horses might have considered this a leisurely stroll […]

Beautiful Dreams

Had an intense dream last night in the Jester's universe.  I can think of only one other occasion where I've had a dream where I was in a world I'd created and written about. I loved it.  Danger, sex, intrigue ….  The world came alive and I was a part of it.  It was a […]

The Exception

I went to the fair recently, supposedly to study horses for my book, but actually I went to have fun.  Hot, thick air, too many people, animals sweltering on clean straw with gigantic fans blowing constantly to keep them as cool as possible, the contrasts between huge metal barns and the open spaces with grass […]

Ninja Attack Nipples

I read an excerpt from someone's novel the other day.  They'd posted it on their blog.  Of all the bits and pieces they could have picked, they chose a quiet, intimate moment between their characters.It didn't work, at least, not for me.I'm not going to pick apart someone else's writing.  Readers' tastes vary wildly.  There […]

I’m Shy

You'd never know it, but I'm shy.  I laugh loud, I greet strangers in passing, smile, talk (sometimes incessantly, sorry about that) and frequent public places.  Mainly, though, I like to be alone or with my family.  It takes effort to leave the house.   It's worth it. Everyone who travels talks about how wonderful […]