Star Wars Episode VII No Spoilers

I had fun watching The Force Awakens on Wednesday. Definitely worth seeing. But. (You knew there'd be a but! You must be psychic.) I wish I hadn't gone in with everyone I know squealing in the back of my mind about how epic it is, because the movie had problems. I'm blaming the script. The […]

Doing the Goodbye Math

So I was doing some math, because that's what I do for fun sometimes, and it helps me decompress. I thought I'd figure out how long I've been living with my coworkers, as in, what the time passage would have been if we were living together 24/7 instead of me showing up for nine hours […]

The End is the Beginning

Any transition, regardless of whether it's labeled good or bad, is stressful. It's one of the reasons that our subconscious works so hard to sabotage things like weddings, promotions, and creative pursuits. Intellectually we understand that change might be bad, but it might also be good, and that if we never take risks, we'll never […]