Cover Reveal (rough) and Book Teaser for Oubliette

Oubliette is on the verge of release. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me, because I'm only halfway through Penumbra, and I'd intended to write the entire trilogy before I published Oubliette. But, the players are all playing. The game is on. Feedback from first readers is coming in, and I have […]

Reviews of Masks, Book One of the Lord Jester’s Legacy

There's a very kind review of Masks on this blog: Another positive review here. I hope I didn't disappoint in the following books!: Masks by E.M. Prazeman This review site (with the old cover) has a review where the reviewer hated the book:,10698956 Agree? Disagree? I always appreciate reviews of my books. Even […]