While in Seattle I had the privilege of learning a little short blade (short sword and knife) with someone who has unbelievable talent. Maija opened my eyes to a new world, one that I had touched the edges of while training in various martial arts, but never truly understood until she put a practice weapon […]

The Music

A lot of writers write to music, and many develop soundtracks that help center them in their work and help them get into a deep flow state. I've been guilty of that myself. I don't know if many writers do what I do, though. I think I read about it on another writer's blog recently, […]

The End of an Era

Actually, it's the beginning of a new book. And the ending of it. I just finished writing the rough draft of the first book of The Poisoned Past Trilogy, tentatively called The Voice of Hearts, potentially being followed by The Voice of Minds and The Voice of Souls. There's always this combination of a sense […]