Learning the Hard and Easy Way

I've been thinking about learning lately, and how I do it. Knowing me, how I do it is probably wrong, but I don't mind that so much. The way that seems to work best for me involves getting in over my head and then reading about it, taking classes, etc. That's pretty much how I […]

Can’t Stop!

I'm doing it again.  I'm all excited about the book I'm writing about and subjecting anyone who'll listen to my endless ramblings about the characters and the horrible things I'm putting them through. So, this is my public apology to everyone.   Sorry. I'm going back to writing now.  I can't wait because everyone was […]

First Readers

I have this fantastic first reader (hi M.!) who saves me from not going far enough. I've subscribed to a newsletter by David Farland, Kick in the Pants, that reminds me of everything I'm supposed to be doing as an author.  Not so that I look awesome.  That's impossible.  It's all to please readers, thank […]

By the Sea

I'm on a short vacation at Long Beach, Washington.  I put some words on the page, but the thing I liked best besides spending some quality time with my favorite person was getting away and getting out.  Intense, icy wind, clear skies and brilliant sunshine followed by wild clouds and bursts of rain.  The air, […]